Yoga Surrender Playlist

February is the month of LOVE…so I will be sharing about all aspects of love.  Yoga AND love are about surrender.

After a long weekend of writing and concentration, I got on my mat, set my ipod to my favorite yoga playlist and just           LET GO…

Music is such an important element in yoga class.  During my yoga training, I began observing all the elements of a yoga class, including the kinds of music teachers used.  Some of the music I loved and some I did not really care for, so I decided to create my first yoga playlist to use the next time I taught my friend and first student Julie.  For some reason, I was being called to create a heart opening playlist and selected a variety of songs that have inspired my heart.

When I met with Julie for our weekly yoga session, she revealed that she was in a vulnerable place.  The yoga playlist and heart opening sequence that I had planned for the week were perfect for what she was going through.  I am learning to trust my intuition more and on some level I just “knew” that this music would be a great complement to my yoga sequence.

Creating yoga playlists  provides an opportunity to express my creativity and love of music by combining the perfect songs to  complement the theme of my class.  Julie loved my playlist so much that she asked me to share it with her and now I am sharing it with you.  May you surrender to your heart!

My Yoga Surrender Playlist:

Offerings (Shaman’s Dream)

Snake Charmer (Desert Dweller)

To Let Myself Go (Ane Brun)

Sufi Groove (Lost at Last)

Ramachandra (Jaya Lakshmi)

Beauty Beats (Beats Antique)

Waterfalls-Bali Chill Mix (Ease 2 East)

Feel You Live a River (Heather Nova & ATB)

Samadhi (Shaman’s Dream)