Connecting Through Acro Yoga

I attended another awesome Acro Yoga event sponsored by MERJ at Om Factory in NYC.    MERJ connects people with similar interests through local activities.  Members can select an event or interest they enjoy and find activity partners who would like to join them in that activity.

The idea behind both MERJ and Acro Yoga is to connect with others,  so this event was the perfect way to bring people together.

The best part of these Acro Yoga events is the instant connections you get to make with near strangers.  Since Acro Yoga is very hands-on, the barriers that are usually there when you first meet someone are left at the door.

The event was led by two Acro Yoga facilitators, one of which was Sandhi Ferreira, who also teaches at OmFactory and Jivamukti.  There was a really relaxed vibe and a DJ playing chill music in the background.  We began with some group stretching to break the ice and get to know each other.  From the smiles on everyone’s faces, it is clear to see that there was some real connection and fun going on!

Merj Group Stretch

Merj Grp Arm Stretch

Then we broke off into small groups and practiced some Acro Yoga.  The instructors demonstrated all the poses to make sure we were clear about the steps involved.  I learned some new flying poses and we all had a great time working together.

Merj Flying

We each had the opportunity to be the base, the flyer and the spotter, which helped us build confidence in our ability to set up and support the pose.  There is something so reassuring about knowing that you are being fully supported and that someone will catch you if you fall.

Acro Spotter

Aside from having lots of fun, I had a breakthrough thanks to Sandhi’s support.  I realized that I don’t really have a hard time trusting others when being the flyer, but when it came time to be a base, I had a hard time trusting myself.  I would be holding someone up in a flying posture and and then the fear and doubt would creep in.   I was afraid I was not strong enough to hold someone up or that I would drop them.


Trusting myself is been something I have been delving into for some time and I was so grateful to have a teacher support me in breaking through my own limitations and embracing my power.  It was so liberating to be able to let go of my fear and step into my POWER.  I am excited to continue growing and evolving through my Acro Yoga practice, as I continue learning about trust.

What would you do if you truly TRUSTED YOURSELF?

I would love to hear from you…