Yoga Dance

After a month of Meditation and Mindfulness lessons, I wanted to treat my little yogis to a month of Imagination and Play!

Music and Dance are both good for the soul and music is always a big hit in my yoga classes~ so I decided to do a lesson where this kids could express themselves to music while doing yoga too!  Thanks to Angela’s wonderful review on OMazing Kids, I came across an awesome Kids Yoga CD called OMWORK by Kidding Around Yoga.


There are some really fun yoga dance and movement songs/games on the CD like Hip Hop Yoga Bop, which is a lot like a YOGA FREEZE DANCE.  The children free dance to a funky upbeat song and when the music stops, I call out a yoga pose and we all FREEZE in that pose!  The song even has a little rap with some positive messages about doing yoga:

If you wanna feel good and you wanna be strong, then do your yoga all day long…Breathe, Stretch and Meditate…Be peaceful and be really kind…You’re focused, kind and loving, it’s amazing what yoga brings to you…you see everything in a whole new light…remember to practice every day…

Another fun, catchy tune on the CD is Here Comes the Little Yogi.  I placed a yoga mat in the center of the circle and each child got a turn to do a yoga pose and the rest of the class follows the Little Yogi in the middle and does the pose.

The last song I used was If Your’e Happy and You Know It because it is a popular kids song that all kids love and it includes a sequence of posers that lead right into Savasana.  I began by singing the original chorus of the song with the children,  We sang and clapped our hands and then I told them we were going to hear a new song and learn some new yoga poses too! The children loved learning some new poses, like Rag Doll and Forward Bend. Then the song leads perfectly into quiet time:

If your’e happy and you know it, take a rest…

The OM WORK CD also has two soothing relaxation songs, one called Garden Dreams is instrumental and has flute and nature sounds, so I played this in the background as I guided them through a visualization of being in their own beautiful garden and engaged all their sense by asking what they see see and hear and feel there.

When they came out of their meditation, we sang a closing song and then I asked the children to share about what they saw in their “garden“.  I got some beautiful responses, like they were planting in their garden, flowers, bunnies and fairies. Some children were more descriptive and it was amazing to hear that they had a positive experience during Savasana.