Yoga and Imagination~ Perfect Together

Imagine Colors

Kids Yoga is part poses, part play and ALL IMAGINATION!

In today’s yoga classes, my theme was simply YOGA.  I have been teaching yoga to this particular group of preschoolers for over  a year and a half and they have come a long way from the first day I walked into their classroom.  It’s amazing to see their development  physically, mentally and emotionally.  These kids are always so enthusiastic about yoga that they are constantly asking to share the new poses they made up.  So today, I allowed them to lead the class in doing their very own original yoga poses!

What is YOGA?

We began the class with a discussion on what YOGA is.  I got some really amazing answers from the children about why we do yoga and what they like about yoga:

“It helps us be strong.”

“It’s exercise and makes us healthy.”  

“To practice.”

“You get to be whatever you want to be”

Then we went through the sequence of our yoga class.  When I asked why we started class with OMs their responses  were:

“We chant our OMs so we can get ready for yoga.”

“We say OM so we can be calm.”

Ready, Set, BREATHE

I then asked the children what came next in yoga class and they immediately called out “BREATHING”.  We talked about how important it is to breathe and how good it feels.  I asked what their favorite breathing exercise was, some liked Balloon (belly) Breathing and others liked Volcano, so we did both.

I can BE a Yoga Teacher!

I then turned the class over to the children and they each got a turn to teach their pose to the rest of the class.  It was amazing to see that they understood the concept that how each pose stretches a certain part of the body.  Some of the poses they made up were cheetah, fire truck, helicopter, and dinosaur while other children showed us new versions of their favorite poses, including tree, camel, and dog.  Letting them demonstrate the pose allowed them to learn leadership and you could tell how proud they were after we clapped our hands for our “teachers”.

Time to Relax

After our stretching, moving and trying out all hese creative new poses, the children were ready for Savasana.  I played Kira Willey’s Colors, which includes yoga poses in the many colors of the rainbow:

I am purple today, bright and happy like a butterfly in the air

I am yellow today, I shine my light out like the sun

I’m a rainbow today, all the colors of the world…are in me

The class was a huge success and it makes me so happy to see how much my kids have progressed in their yoga practice and to know that they really “get” how yoga helps them in their lives.

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