Winter Yoga Fun!

BRRRRRRR…it’s cold out there and now that we’ve had our first snowfall, I wanted to treat my students to some WINTER YOGA FUN!

I usually buy my books, but I decided to brave the cold, so I made it out to my local library and found the perfect book for this week’s lesson: WHEN WINTER COMES by Nancy Van Laan.

When Winter Comes by Nancy Van Laan

For CIRCLE TIME, each child shared what they love about WINTER and what they like to do in the wintertime.  Then we did a cute warm-up that was a variation of the HOKEY POKEY, but instead we called it the WINTER POKEY!! (You can find the lyrics here or just have the kids make up what they want to put on.)

I told them that we needed to get dressed for the cold weather and asked “What could we wear?”

They all chimed in with their ideas and one by one we warmed up our body parts!

We put our gloves in

we take our gloves out

we put our gloves on (pretend to put gloves on hands)

and we shake ’em (SHAKE HANDS) all about

We do the WINTER POKEY and we turn ourselves around

That’s what it’s all about!

After putting on our snow boots, coats, scarves, etc,  some of my students even came up with silly ideas like being a  REINDEER, putting antlers on, RUDOLPH (putting a red nose on) and SANTA (putting a beard on).  I am always inspired by my kid’s imaginations, we laughed twirled around and had so much fun!

Then we had yoga story time.  When Winter Comes is such a great book to teach kids about what happens to the natural world, the trees and flowers and animals too.  After our Fun AUTUMN LEAVES LESSON last month, it was especially nice that the book started with the leaves falling to the ground…

winter leaves book

It is full of poses: they pretended to be a TREE and the leaves falling to the ground, FLOWER wilting and then growing, crawling around like a CATERPILLAR going into its COCOON and turning into BUTTERFLY in Spring, Field MOUSE burrowing in a tunnel underground, FISH swimming to the bottom of a pond, DOG and ends with a child snuggled up warm in bed, which is the perfect prompt for Relaxation time.

I played a beautiful lullaby called If You Listen by Elizabeth Mitchell for the younger children and made up a guided visualization for the older ones. Maybe it’s because we tend to be more tired in the winter, but I was so happy to see my classes resting quietly and enjoying the stillness during SAVASANA.