Why Kids Love Yoga

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This week I got to share a few pages of my kids yoga book with my own students.  As I read them the story, I realized how much they get into it because yoga is an exploration of mind, body and imagination  through PLAY, which is what they do naturally!

Each yoga pose is a way for them to connect with themselves and nature because they can pretend to BE their favorite animals and objects.  This gives children a deep reverence and appreciation for all people and  living things, the Earth and world around them.  My greatest joy as a yoga teacher is being able to bring fun and whimsy to learning through music, art, poetry and of course storytelling.  I am so inspired by the creativity of the children I teach every day,  

Children find the magic in Yoga and we go on our own magical adventure every class!

As an educator who has worked with all grade levels from Kindergarten through High School, I can attest to the fact that using some basic  yoga principles can enhance the learning experience for children of all ages.

The possibilities of integrating yoga into any curriculum or academic setting are endless!

For preschool age children, yoga reinforces everything they learn in school, from Language (recognizing the letters that their  favorite poses start with) to Math (counting as the hold poses) to Science (the life cycle of the butterfly) and can be tied into any theme, season or holiday.  But yoga is not just for younger kids, school age children can also reap the benefits of time to stretch and unwind after a long school day. I even use relaxation and breathing techniques with some of the teens I tutor as an academic coach.  They enjoy guided visualizations which allow them to slow down their active minds and go on a “journey” to a peaceful place.