The Light Inside-Teaching Kids About Spirituality

Grow Inside Out Feather

As a yoga teacher, part of my job is guiding my students to find their own light.

How do you teach a young child about spirituality?  Children may not understand the concept of a “soul”, but they do understand the idea of a LIGHT inside or the LOVE in their heart.

Over the past few months, my yoga lessons have revolved around finding PEACE inside or how we can express the LOVE in our hearts.  The children have been learning how they calm their bodies and their minds through yoga, breathing and meditation.  The other day, I asked my classes if they knew why we chant OMs before yoga,  and they responded “to find peace”.  It’s moments like these that make me love teaching!

Children are always learning…absorbing everything they see, hear and feel.

They relate what they learn to their inner experience.  Teaching a child to pay attention to their breath, tune into their feelings, and listen with their heart will help them develop a strong connection to themselves and the world around them. This builds their sense of trust in themselves and self confidence.  We may think they are too young to understand but they “get it”.

The greatest lesson you can teach young children is to LISTEN to their inner voice.

It’s not often that children get to just “be” and relax.  At the end of every class,they lie down in Savasana or

DO NOTHING DOLLNothing to think, Nothing to Do, Doing Nothing is Good for You.  

While my students are resting in Savasana, with their eyes closed, I tell them a “story”, a guided visualization where they are lying on a beach or going on a cloud ride in the sky. I ask them if they can try to be so still, so quiet that they can hear the sound of their own breathing.  I tell them to breathe in that calm feeling from  the top of their heads to their tip toes.  It may take weeks or even months before they can lie down without wiggling around or talking, but eventually they can and even enjoy it.  I let them know that no matter what, they can find that quiet place inside where they can always go when they are feeling sad or upset.

I usually end my yoga classes with a soothing song, either Kira Wiley’s Namaste Song or Snatam Kaur’s Longtime Sun. I explain that just like the sun, we each have a LIGHT inside us and to remember to let it SHINE.  When I look around our circle and see their blissful faces, I know that they are IN that peaceful place, shining their light!

I leave you with this beautiful blessing.  May your own light guide you on your path so that you may find your peace.  Namaste.

May the longtime sun

Shine upon you

All love surround you

And the pure light within you

Guide your way on

                                                                                                     ~ Celctic Blessing