Stuffed Animal Yoga

Today I taught a yoga class to my elementary school students that I have been wanting to try for a while—Stuffed Animal Yoga.

Since last week’s class was cancelled due to the storm, I began the class having the children share their experiences during the storm.  As we were sitting in class, the snow was falling heavily outside and within the first 10 minutes, the lights turned out!  I reassured them that we were ok and now was the perfect time to bring out the stuffed animals.  

I asked them how stuffed animals made them feel and they  used words like…safe, soft, cozy, loved, mushy.  

Then each child chose their favorite stuffed animal and got a turn to demonstrate the yoga pose and have the class join them in doing the pose.  I encouraged them to be creative and use the stuffed animals to focus or balance.  For our relaxation time, the children placed their stuffed animal on their belly during savasana and noticed how their belly rises and falls with their breath.  

Stuffed animal yoga was a big hit!