Stop Looking- Words of Wisdom from Gangaji

This video moves me every time I watch it. Perhaps because it invites me to examine my own personal quest for love. It has been a long journey, filled with joy, heartache, bliss, longing, despair and most recently acceptance. My daily lesson is to “be with” where I am, here and now, in each moment.

I have found time and again that when I look outside myself for happiness, I am left feeling empty and unfulfilled. It has been in those moments of inner silence. of tuning into myself that I have found some semblance of the peace and love I have been seeking.

Yet, this is easier said than done.

It is a discipline and takes time, practice and patience. Yoga and meditation help, honoring and allowing my emotions to be there without judging or trying to control them, surrounding myself with positive people, making time to do things that nurture my soul…art, music, poetry, dancing, laughing, playing.

When your inner world shifts, so does your outer world. You attract more of what you want and exactly what you need if you stop looking for it and simply allow it to come into your life.

What are YOU looking for?   Are you willing to stop looking and find all you have been seeking within yourself?

(Gangaji is a spiritual teacher and the only living human being I have encountered whose presence exudes pure love and peace.  Last year, I attended a 5 day retreat with Gangaji called The Heart Can Bear it All.)