Spring is in the Air!

Spring Child Poem Rilke

With Spring in the air, it is the perfect time for children to explore Nature themes and poses.  

This week, I introduced a Nature theme with a discussion about Spring and what happens during this season.  Since children are already learning about Spring and new life as part of their school curriculum, acting out the phases of development of a butterfly or a tree or a flower helps to reinforce these concepts.  April is also National Poetry Month, so I read a poem with many elements of Nature, such as trees, sun, rain, wind, etc. as a prompt for our Nature yoga poses.

Learning about life cycles helps children appreciate and have respect for the natural world and the Earth.  

Rather than just doing Nature poses, it is more fun to engage them in an interactive story.   The children enjoyed pretending to be little seeds in the ground and imagining what it would be like to grow with water, sway in the wind, take in the sunlight and sprout into tiny plants, growing bigger and bigger until they became Trees.  For butterfly pose, they began as caterpillars wiggling on the grass and then going into their cocoons, feeling their wings grow and emerging as a beautiful Butterflies!

kapiel racy flower blooming

There are so many Nature poses to choose from, birds, insects, animals… You can even teach them variations of many poses they already know, such as Flower.  We started with our basic flower pose and then I challenged them to try balancing in Lotus Flower pose.  Then we did a group Sunflower pose.  We all sat in a circle with our legs stretched out and reaching for our toes in forward fold, as the sunflower was “sleeping” and as the Sun came out, we stretched our arms out and up over our heads as we breathed out.

I ended class with a Nature Meditation.  The children rested in Savasana while I led them through a guided visualization which included many of the Natural elements and creatures we explored in our class.