Soul Flying…a Muse Monday poem

It has been a while  since I last posted a Muse Monday poem…

I am evolving, my Soul‘s voice is becoming louder, clearer 

and I am listening to HER more and more….a poem from my journal…from my Soul to yours.


flying free



My caged soul wants to fly, soar, swirl

make circles in the sky

come out to play, see the wonder

from a child’s mind’s eye


Can you feel the Oneness we are all a part of?

Each of us a tiny thread woven into another thread, unbroken.

Yet, we forget

caught in the illusion of separation

it’s not real


Close your eyes 

Take a breath

Feel your inhale melt into your exhale

melt into mine, melt into the wind, melt into the sky,

expansive like Soul,

not your soul or my soul,

the collective Soul

pure soul, pure oneness, pure love


Can you feel the Love?

the ocean of Love we are all swimming in

the ebb and flow of each breath becoming One


When ink runs dry,

the Soul finds other ways to fly…


© Copyright Betty E Larrea 2014