Lucinda’s Magical Yoga Adventure is more than a book, it’s an interactive reading experience for the whole family!
Read the entire book or choose your favorite poses as a playful and positive activity that you can enjoy TOGETHER with your child(ren), while they develop listening skills, improve focus and calm their mind and emotions.
Children join Lucinda in exploring popular yoga poses, as they pretend to BE the animals and characters they meet in the story! All they need is a little imagination, a magic wand and yoga to discover their connection to themselves and the world around them. This picture book for ages 2-9 is told in the spirit of traditional fairy tale and is written in free verse and rhyming poetry with beautiful illustrations that demonstrate the yoga poses. 


Nature Activity Plan Bundle

Looking for ways to keep your child or students busy and engaged in activities that inspire positive behavior AND cooperation while promoting connection to the natural world? This Nature Activity Plan BUNDLE (Buy 3, Get 1 FREE!!) includes four 30 minute fun, simple mindfulness and yoga play activities that can be done indoors or outdoors, at home or in school! 

Breathing Fun for Everyone!

A Camping We Will Go!

Here Come the Creepy Crawlies

Planting the Seeds of my Yoga Garden

(See descriptions below) Each activity plan includes a  kid-tested playlist of songs that can be purchased on iTunes.  


All Activity Plans include a suggested music playlist of fun yoga and movement songs that you can purchase separately on iTunes or Amazon.  

This activity teaches children about breathing, the connection between yoga and breath, and how we can use our breathing for healthy minds and bodies. Your child will practice breathing exercises and yoga as they move and make sounds like a Snake, Lion, Elephant, Train, Flower and more! There is also a playlist of 3 fun songs to use during the activity.

Let’s go on an exciting camping yoga journey together! This yoga activity for kids ages 3-10 can be used at home or as a lesson plan for a kids yoga class. Includes an Introduction, Warmup, Breathing Exercise, ideas for 12 yoga poses and creative movement, a Starry Night Guided Visualization and Music Playlist of songs that kids will enjoy during their camping adventure.

Children will love exploring the world of CREEPY CRAWLY CREATURES and BUGS in this fun yoga lesson that can be done both indoors and outdoors! Includes a playlist of 3 fun bug songs to use during the activity.

Teaching children about GARDENING helps plant the seeds for patience and gratitude. Spring is a wonderful time to explore Nature and how things grow.  Children will enjoy pretending to garden or you can try this activity outdoors in your yard or own garden! Includes breathing, a Sun Salutation warmup, yoga, relaxation and a playlist of 4 songs.