Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn. ~ O. Fred Donaldson

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Our Mission 

We are committed to inspiring children to love and express themselves through PLAY, while cultivating an enthusiasm for yoga, creativity and learning. Our holistic programs are designed to engage and nurture the whole child–mind, body, and spirit. 

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum combines alternative health and fitness practices, including yoga, meditation, and movement with creative arts, such as music, poetry, storytelling and visual art.  We integrate various learning styles which allow children to discover and build on their own strengths.  Each class explores a theme which teaches children skills and values that are essential to their success in school and in life.  Children who participate in our programs experience feeling good about themselves, while learning about self-love and acceptance.

Enrichment & After school Programs (Children ages 2 to 12 & Teens)

In our fun-filled classes, children go on a yoga adventure to wild, wonderful places, where they will meet animal and nature friends along the way!   Children learn basic breathing, yoga poses and relaxation techniques that promote strength, balance, body awareness, and coordination, improve focus and stimulate creativity, while exploring art, music, poetry and storytelling.  

Yoga Training and Relaxation Classes for Educators and Parents

As a teacher. parent or caregiver, it is important to give to yourself so you expand your capacity to give to your children.  Our yoga programs combine gentle stretching and breathing techniques to replenish and nourish the body and relax the mind.



“I loved the relaxation teacher yoga class with Betty.  It made me feel very calm and cleared my mind, taking me me to another place during the busy school day.  I was even able to bring some of the yoga to my classroom .  I taught my class of 2 year olds different poses and breathing.  Now they love it and say Namaste to each other when they are done.” ~ Mary Ann (Preschool Teacher)

“I found the relaxation yoga for teachers class very relaxing for my mind and body.  Some of the benefits I received were learning to take time for myself and meditating.” ~Aleain (Preschool Teacher)

“The experience I had with teacher yoga was very rewarding spiritually, physically and emotionally.  Betty taught us stretches and poses that enhance both mind and body and can be used daily as you work with the students and staff at our school.” ~Angela (Preschool Teacher)