Parent Child Connection

Do you struggle when your child gets upset because you don’t understand what they want?

Do you want to spend more quality time bonding with your child doing what THEY love?

Do you wish that you could get inside your child’s world?

I’ve created this program just for YOU!

A child thrives on CONNECTION.

When they are restless, cranky, whiny, or out of control, it is usually a cry out for connection with you.
Cultivating Parent-Child Connection will give you access into your child’s inner world and help you to empathize with what they are experiencing so that you can provide the support they need from you.
Cultivating Parent-Child Connection is two-part program which offers a breakthrough approach to parenting!
The program will provide:
1) All the tools and resources you need to create more connection with your child
2) Simple practices that will allow you to connect with yourself so you can be fully present with your child
Every week, you will receive access to a new module which includes:
  • Weekly video lesson
  • Play Book with all fun yoga and mindfulness activities, resources, lessons
  • Guided Audios (visualizations and poems for both you and your child)
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group Community of parents in the program
The program will re-open for registration this Fall 2017!
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