Self Nourishing

It has been so long since I felt really committed to my yoga practice.  Since hurting my knee the week of my yoga training completion, I have been limited in my own practice.  After almost 3 months of being fully immersed in yoga,  and 3 months of struggling to maintain a practice despite my injury, I have been feeling like something is missing without my personal practice.  So this week I decided to RECOMMIT, to myself and to yoga.  I am teaching 14 children’s yoga classes a week and doing yoga with the kids almost daily, but until this week, I have only been practicing once or twice a week at home. 

I started my week by taking a restorative yoga class at with Kristin at Garden State Yoga (GSY). This was my very first restorative class and it was truly nourishing!

Yoga does not always have to be about deepening and expanding, it can also be about nourishing and replenishing.  I realized that as a a yoga teacher, I need to nourish myself too.  Yet again, another valuable yoga lesson learned.  Coming home to my yoga practice is like coming home to myself!