Review of Kira Willey’s Mindful Moments for Kids!

I have been a fan of Kira Willey for years and use her Dance for the Sun and other Kids Yoga Music  in my kids classes daily.  So when I discovered that she had released a Mindful Moments for Kids album, I was so excited to try it with my little yoginis!   Kira’s soothing, peaceful voice guided the activities helped the kids to focus and relax. Kira’s soothing, peaceful voice guided the activities helped the kids to focus and relax. The best thing about these short mindfulness exercises is that all of them are about 1 minute long!  


Mindful Moments for Kids includes different kids of breathing like bunny breath, lion breath, bear breath, candle breath and a few more!  There are also some other body-centered movement mindfulness exercises like Arm, Stretch & Wiggle, 1 2 3 Clap and Wake Up Your Face!  Some of my students’ favorites were Get Your Grumpies Out and Stop and Go! where they tapped on their knees slowly building up to a faster rhythm and then had to FREEZE!  Lots of giggles and laughter!  I played 5 or 6 of these mindful moments and the kids were asking for more!
This album is a MUST HAVE for any yoga, mindfulness or early childhood educators who want to include a mindfulness break during the day!  Parents will love it too and it gives you a positive way to connect with your child for 5-10 minutes.
As a bonus, there are two beautiful full length songs which are perfect to play for naptime or bedtime.
A new version of Kira’s classic Dance for the Sun and a beautiful lullaby called JUST BE!  I listen to it in my car sometimes and it reminds me to connect to my breath and just BE!
To get this album on iTunes, click on the link or album cover image above.  It is also available on Amazon.