Reborn Again- A Muse Monday Poem

In honor of Spring and this season of Rebirth, I am bringing back MUSE MONDAY.

It’s been a while since I shared some of my inner musings…the Poetry is so alive in me. More to come…

I’ve been discovering myself anew in so many ways now that I am actually living my dream of being an Author.  

My Soul is free to express her voice more and more each time I share what I’ve created…my book is opening new doors and opportunities to contribute to not only children but also parents, teachers, and families. Each day I blossom into the me I was born to be…each day I am reborn again.

Reborn Again

Sometimes you just want to be lost in the waves

that rage inside of you

escape the rigid lines and symmetry

surrender to the chaos within this wilderness

go deep into the darkness

find solace in safe spaces

you carve out of tree trunks

dig holes in the earth

crawl underground where roots grow

let the nourishment seep in

so you can be reborn again

your SOUL becoming flesh




Sending infinite love from my Soul to yours…