I have written other posts about LOVE but given my last post on exposing myself…raw & real…through my writing and this blog, it’s time to explore the kind of love that everyone struggles with the most…SELF LOVE.

Self love is a a daily commitment to treat yourself with respect, compassion and unconditional acceptance.  I spent so many years looking for love and validation outside myself, until I realized that love begins within.  It is an ongoing process of learning to love yourself, even the parts you don’t like.  Today I began my day with a meditation that really grounded me in who I am and reminded me that the more I love myself, the more I can bring that love to the world.

So, today on January 7, 2013, I am making a public declaration to LOVE MYSELF:

self-loveIn doing some blogging research, I recently came across the website of a fabulous woman named Gala Darling (how could you NOT     love her?) who is devoted to empowering women to really love themselves.  She created an amazing Radical Self Love Project and even has a radical self love bootcamp, so I highly recommend her website.  I was so inspired by her idea that I immediately took out one of my many blank journals (& a heart-shaped one at that) and started my own Radical Self Love Bible .  Here is my first collage page!


The road to self love is more of a journey than a destination because no matter how much you learn to love and accept about yourself, there is always more to love!

I leave you with Gala’s Radical Self Love Manifesto.

I invite you to create your own or simply take on Loving Yourself Today!