What Parents are Saying:

After moving to a new town, our daughter was far behind in math due to a difference is school curriculum. With Betty’s tutoring, I am happy to report that she is on the right track now and continuing to catch up and understand math. One great thing about Betty is that she quickly caught on to the way our daughter learns. As a visual learner, she needed specific methods to help her understand and visualize the math. Betty has been providing her with the tools she needs to become more confident in Math and it shows already in her first report card! We later hired her to work with our son in reading and writing. Betty is also easy to talk to, punctual and pleasant. We highly recommend her. ~Howard, father of 2 in South Orange, NJ

How lucky you would be to have Betty as part of your team to prepare your child for standardized tests. After trying out and not continuing with two other tutors, Betty was a great match for my daughter, and we expanded her role beyond what we originally requested because we were so happy with her. Her expertise is unquestionable, but even more important, my daughter did the work, looked forward to seeing Betty every week and raised her scores dramatically.  Her reach schools are now her safety schools, thanks to Betty.  Betty is not just good at test tips and tricks – she’s able to identify problem areas and not just focus on them, but give students the confidence they need to keep improving. Go Betty!  Hire her quickly, she’s worth it. ~Pamela J., Mother of teen in Glen Ridge, NJ

Betty worked with my son to prepare for the writing and verbal sections of the SAT. She was methodical, patient and direct with feedback. Over the course of a few months, she reviewed all the different types of questions that he could expect, helped him with practice tests and gave guidance on test taking strategies. She was particularly helpful in helping him to prepare for the essay section of the test. Betty has give my son a lot of confidence headed into “the most important exam of his life.” (His words…not mine!)~Nancy, mother of teen in Glen Ridge, NJ 

Betty is a tutor extraordinaire! She has helped my grandson go from almost failing World Literature to now getting A’s and B’s! She has helped him build confidence, as well as motivation. She maintained contact with the teacher and emailed when there were issues.  We couldn’t be happier with her skills and knowledge for tutoring the whole person. She has gone above expectations and we would highly recommend her. You will not be disappointed! ~ Jheri, Grandmother of teen in Montclair, NJ


What Students are Saying:

Betty has been my tutor for almost four years. My mom hired her to help me get through my high school Spanish class which I was struggling and in danger of failing. With Betty’s tutoring, within months, I significantly improved my grade and finished the course with a B-. I loved working with her so much that we I continued working with her to prepare for my SAT Verbal and Writing exams and writing my college application essay.  I have ADHD, have struggled with Math and English for most of my  education and my mPSAT scores were not promising.  With hard work and Betty’s help, I was able to score in the mid to late 500’s on both the writing and critical reading sections of my SATs.  I also greatly improved my writing skills and all my efforts paid off.  I was accepted by 3 out of the 4 colleges I applied to! Betty is a great tutor, not just because she explains difficult concepts so clearly, but because she inspires and boosts her student’s self confidence.  She t me taught me that with the right tools and attitude, I could learn and perform well in school. I  also did some yoga sessions with her which has had a positive impact on my  schoolwork and life. I now look forward to excelling in college.~Natalie, student age 18 (New Jersey)

Betty helped me to grow as a student in my first year of high school. She is very nice and she cares about my success in World Literature. She has given me a lot of support when I needed it most. She makes me feel comfortable and helps me organize my freshman workload and the challenge of transitioning from 8th to 9th grade. I’m sure Betty could help anyone improve academically. She strives to make your education experience better! ~Chris, age 14 in Montclair, NJ