Peak Pose Class-Natarajasana- “Dancer Pose”

For my second class with Julie, I decided to test out my Peak Pose Class building up to Dancer Pose (Natarajasana).  We went to the park and our mats in front of a little stream.  It was beautiful out and I loved being able to incorporate Nature…the sun, trees and water into my class.  I practiced my Dharma Talk about finding the balance between power and poise.  So much of what we think of as power or strength comes from a place of rigidity and force.  I wanted my class to convey the idea that true strength lies in graceful surrender, letting go of attachment and opening your heart.

I am starting to feel more comfortable in teaching and becoming so much more aware of body alignment, even though Julie is a personal trainer and has excellent body awareness.  I was still able to make some adjusts that allowed her to deepen the stretch.

When doing Eagle Pose, Julie had a hard time wrapping her foot around her calf and was worried she was not able to do it.  As an teacher, this was an opportunity to modify the pose for her and have her rest her foot on the side of her calf instead of all the way around.  I let her know that it was ok since every body is different.  

Julie really enjoyed the class and had beautiful form in her Dancer Pose (see above).