Peaceful Piggy Meditation


PEACEFUL PIGGY sits on his meditation cushion and BREATHES…

One of my favorite yoga books is called PEACEFUL PIGGY MEDITATION!

Continuing with the theme of Meditation and Mindfulness, last week I brought in my PIGGY puppet and he read the book Peaceful Piggy Meditation by Kerry MacLean to the children!  We started with a discussion about all the ways we had been learning about how to calm our “busy” minds.  These are some of the responses I received when I asked them “So, what can we do to quiet our busy, busy minds?”:

“We can do our Balloon Breath”

“We can chant OMs”

We can be QUIET and listen”

“We can do yoga”

It was amazing to hear all the great responses they came up with and to see that they really made the connection between yoga and breathing and being quiet and peaceful inside.

I also brought in a meditation jar I had made with some glitter, water and a bit of blue food coloring.  I had the children gather around in a circle on their bellies to watch, then I shook the jar vigorously and placed it on the floor.   I explained that the glitter in the jar was like all the thoughts going around in our head.   I asked them to watch was happening to the pieces of glitter in the jar.  They told me they were falling and down down and how they stopped moving.  I told them that as the pieces were settling down, the water was becoming clear and still, just like our minds when we do our meditation and quiet time.


 The kids LOVED it and wanted me to shake it again and again and were so focused on watching the glitter swirling around then settling down.  It really helped them to understand the idea of how our thoughts can become STILL like the water in the jar when we do our breathing and meditation. To make your own meditation jar, click HERE.

Then we did some yoga poses of animals and objects we found in the book.   In the book, Piggy says:  “it can be hard not to lose your temper when you’re angry” so I passed the PIGGY puppet around and asked each child to share what makes them angry and upset.  Children are not often given a safe place to express what makes the upset or angry, so I wanted to give them a place to be heard in this way with acceptance and love.

After they shared their frustrations, I let them know it was ok to get angry and a good thing to do when we are feeling angry or upset is BREATHE!  I taught them the LION’s BREATH, where they make an angry scrunched up face and then take a deep breath in and stick their tongues out and say “AHHHH” when they breath out!  They all loved it and started laughing.

Peaceful Piggy Meditation helps teach kids that they can find their own PEACEFUL PLACE INSIDE through meditation.

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