Peace Garden Song Mural Project

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I played a special  song in my classes this week called In My Garden.  A good friend and artist/musician Scott Massarsky collaborated with visual artist Jennifer Levine to create a mural painting and song inspired by children!

All my preschoolers from ages 2 to 6 absolutely LOVED this song and were still singing it after class ended.  The song is about how we are all part of the natural world around us and can see ourselves in the clouds, the rain, the butterfly, the fruits and animals “in my garden” and the lyrics were written by the children who participated in the Peace Garden Mural Project in the video above.  This song is so uplifting and has such a positive message because it ends with “peace starts from the inside”.

Scott and Jennifer will be at their Painting a Song event later this month in Franklin Lakes.  The theme is Opening Heart, which sounds as beautiful as their art and music will be, so be sure to stop by for some inspiration!

in my graden lyrics

In My Garden lyrics and illustration by Scott Massarsky