Peace Begins Inside

In honor of Martin Luther King’s Birthday, this week’s theme in my classes was PEACE.

I have been meaning to try one on Todd Parr’s books in my classes and found this awesome one called The Peace Book.


The colorful, quirky illustrations really capture the spirit of diversity and each page has a positive message about the many ways we can create PEACE in the world.

We began with a discussion about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  The children shared about his “dream” for all people to get along and be nice to each other.  I explained that we could help this dream of peace come true by finding that peaceful place INSIDE through our yoga, OMs, breathing and meditation.

The book has lots of YOGA POSES:

We swam like Sharks and  Fish, splashed with our Elephant trunks, slithered around like Snakes, barked in Downward, Upward and 3 Legged Dog, turned into a Buttefly (caterpillar), stretched out while Painting the Sky, offered a HUG to a friend and more… It was so cute to see the children expressing their love for one another.

peace is being different

The message at the end is that each one of us can help make the world a better place!

After SAVASANA, I played Elizabeth Mitchell’s Peace Like a River, which is a catchy, beautiful song that can be done with actions for younger children (see video below).  For the last verse, we all held hands and made a CIRCLE of PEACE. I let them know that we can share the PEACE we have insdie with everyone around us and create PEACE in the world.