Partner Yoga Fun

This is a repost of a prior blog entry because my Partner Yoga poses have been quite popular.  

Here are some great ideas here for doing Partner Yoga with kids, tweens and teens. Enjoy!!

My niece has been doing yoga with her Auntie B (me) since she was a baby and is familiar with many of the kids’s versions of the poses.   Now that she is older, she has been more open to learning new poses and has even come to a yoga class with me.

The other night, my niece and I decided to do some yoga.

We set up our yoga mats in the living room and I had brought my Yoga Pretzel Deck which has lots of fun yoga activities for kids of all ages.  She looked through the cards and was immediately drawn to the Partner Poses, so she pulled out the cards and we gave them a try.


Partner Yoga is FUN!

We started with Partner Warrior and then moved on to some sitting poses like See Saw and Partner Boat.  We had quite a few laughs trying to lift our legs up at the same time because my niece has extraordinarily long legs for a 12 year old!   We tried every single one of the partner poses, some more than once.

Our favorites were Double Downward Dog and Lizard on a Rock, where one person rests in Child’s Pose (the “Rock”) and the other (the “Lizard” lays  on their back…what an amazing back stretch!  And from the smile on her face, it’s easy to see how much she liked this pose.


Lizard on a Rock

We had a hard time (and non-stop amusement) trying to get up off the floor from sitting back to back in Partner Chair, but my niece would not give up.   She was determined to figure out how we could lift each other up and we almost got up, but it didn’t happen.  We really enjoyed some flying poses where we lifted each other up in the air!



Partner yoga is such a wonderful bonding experience for children and adults alike…it involves supporting your partner, helping each other stretch and looking at each other while in the pose. It was so much fun doing yoga together and hearing the sound of my niece’s laughter!