Partner and Group Poses for Kids

A great way to teach children about working together is by doing partner poses.

Partner yoga teaches kids  to work together and be gentle with each other and kids love it too!  Begin with a discussion on how you can help others and then introduce how we can also help each other with our yoga poses.  Select a few poses that can be done with a partner or all together as a group and then start by doing each pose alone.  Some great poses to try together are TREE, FLOWER, BOAT, PRETZEL, and DOWNWARD DOG.  Then pair children up with a buddy for some poses and do others together as a group.  For example, when you do Tree or Flower with everyone holding hands in a circle, you can make a Forest of Tress or a Garden of Flowers together.


A garden of flowers!

Downward Dog Tunnel is a great activity to teach kids about focus, body awareness and working together.  Children line up and come up into down dog together as one child goes under them through the “tunnel”.  They really enjoy watching their friends as they crawl under them and waiting their turn to go through the tunnel!


Downward Dog Tunnel

Partner poses are not only fun but can be a great platform for teaching children the importance of getting along, working together and being mindful when interacting with one another.  Doing yoga together teaches kids valuable life skills that they can use at school and at home and carry with them throughout their lives.

working together