Nominated for Very Inspiring Blogger Award

When I launched this blog last summer, it was intended to capture my journey during my yoga training and now it has evolved into so much more…Not only has blogging  provided me a platform to express myself creatively as a writer, but I have connected with so many beautiful souls that share my passion for both yoga & writing.

One of those beautiful souls, Heather Ballenger has honored me with this nomination for Inspiring Blogger Award.  Heather’s blog Chronicles of a Neophyte Yogi has truly been a INSPIRATION to me and we have since nurtured that connection through our blogs and Facebook.

heather ballenger

Beautiful Goddess Sister Heather Ballenger

“THANK YOU Heather for your support and this nomination.  Of all the blog awards I could receive, I am most moved to be receiving this one from YOU because my purpose is to INSPIRE others to love, express and be all that they are.”

Part of accepting the nomination is sharing 7 things about myself.  Since I am taking on being pure, boundless love this month, I am choosing to share very authentically what most may NOT know about me…

1. I’ve been obsessed with words since I was a child…I mean really obsessed..I’ve kept a journal (which has been my therapist and my salvation) for the past 25 years of my life,  Scrabble is my favorite game, I am a book whore (not a big surprise)  and I love “playing” with words.

2. I am equally obsessed with hearts, I collect them and get them as gifts all the time. I have been dubbed the Love Grrl, the Love Goddess and my playa name (aka alter ego) at Burning Man is LUSCIOUS LUV.   

3. My first love is poetry…because it is the voice of my soul.  I write deep soulful, sensual, sometimes erotic poetry. (and I will be sharing more of it here thanks to Heather.)

4. I love nature and my favorite place to go alone (though I have taken some special people here) is atop this huge rock in a county park in Northern New Jersey.   It’s simply breathtaking up there, looking down on all the trees and trails. I go there to write and take Self Portraits to capture my ever evolving soul.

5. I fall in love way too easily, my heart’s been broken many times but it’s still wide open. I’ve learned to accept that I have a big heart and always see the good in people, I have grown wiser over the years and I now see this as a gift and a strength.

6. “I am a sea of emotions, spilling all over the place, out of control sometimes and I don’t want to be contained, just let me be”…(a line from one of my poems says it all.)

7. I believe that everyone should let their inner freak come out and play sometimes!

Self Portraits-ROck 04-09 015

This is ME..Luscious Luv…I see only LOVE!

Now I would like to nominate some VERY INSPIRING BLOGGERS, whose blogs and writing I really love:

1. Courtney Bell  Stepping In

2. Thais Guimaraes  Be Inspired From Within

3. Shashi Solluna  TaoSpiritual Tantra

4. Vanessa Gobes  Bringing Up Buddhas

5. Nikki Wong  LIVE.LOVE.YOGA

6. Liz Vartanian  Yoga Betty

7. Meg Everingham  Yogalina

To each of the 7 inspiring women I have nominated, thank you for inspiring ME!

If you choose to accept this nomination, here is the protocol:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post.
  2. Share 7 interesting things about yourself.
  3. Nominate 7 bloggers you admire.
  4. Leave a comment somewhere on the seven blogs to make them aware of their nomination.

To the nominees, you are under no obligation to accept this award and I will completely understand if you do not want to go through the award process (which may seem a bit overwhelming and time-consuming, I know).  I really just wanted to acknowledge how each and every one of you have inspired me to dig deeper into my soul and bring that to my own writing.