Choose Love


Last week my dear friend Alice reminded me about Marianne Williamson’s Return to Love.  Alice had given me the book as a birthday present 13 years ago and I had read it, but on her suggestion, I decided to revisit it while on vacation visiting my parents in Florida.

The basic premise of the book is this:  Only love is real.  Fear is an illusion.  

This idea resonates with me because I know it to be true…I have seen it, felt it, experienced it, lived it.

I have been on a quest for love my entire life.  I have looked for love outside myself and found that true love comes from inside.  Only when you love yourself, can you see love everywhere around you.

Once you are IN LOVE (not with another, but with yourself), fear no longer has a hold on you.  CHOOSE LOVE.

Love and fear

I leave you with one of my own poems:


What I do with Fear…

When you feel for someone so much

that it feels like you are losing control

and the fear creeps in

poisoning the pure emotion

and wants to consume

and wants to overcome

I choose love

Fear is love tainted

Love is fearless.

© Betty Larrea 2002