Bhakti Yoga~ The Path to LOVE

Chanting opens the heart

BHAKTI mean “devotion” or “pure love”.  YOGA means “union” or “to connect”.

Bhakti Yoga is a practice of connecting with God, reestablishing a relationship with him through devotional service, in essence…SURRENDER TO GOD. They say Bhakti Yoga is the quickest path to peace and bliss.  When one achieves union with God, one can experience peace.

I have been exploring what it means to SURRENDER to the Divine, to GOD.  Having grown up Catholic, I had rejected the idea of GOD in my late teens and it has taken me over 20 years to reclaim a new found relationship with GOD.  It’s not that I did not believe in a higher power, but I preferred to objectify it as the UNIVERSE.  While I was fully conscious of my power to create my life, I felt estranged from God, separate and alone.

Through yoga, meditation and being of service to others by teaching and writing, I began to develop a personal relationship with GOD.  This has allowed me to open myself up to trusting that God is present in  my life.   I know that He is supporting me on my path. There is less struggle and burden on myself because I am now  CO-CREATING with the Divine.

Bhakti Yoga has allowed me to take that connection to a deeper level.  I have always loved to sing, but when I am chanting, I can feel GOD’s presence in the room, in my heart, in the core of my being.  It is like the entire room melts away and I am at ONE with GOD, at ONE with it ALL.

There is no separation…it is as if the energy that runs through our voices is the energy that runs through everyone and everything. Chanting the name of God in community at kirtan has brought me closer to the LOVE inside my own heart, GOD’s love which is always here.

Bhakti Yoga

Bhakti is a practice of LOVE…when all voices come together as ONE, the energy is electric, you can actually feel it vibrating through you and all around you.  In that space, there is no choice but to SURRENDER to GOD.