Must Have Kid’s Yoga Playlist and Resources

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I have been connecting with so many children’s yoga teachers and parents who enjoy doing yoga with their children. As a children’s yoga teacher, I have found that creativity is key when introducing yoga poses or concepts to children at any age.

Children LOVE to pretend and use their imagination!

They can “be” an animal (dog, cat, lion, frog, etc.), a tree, mountain, train, rocket ship, you name it!  There are so many wonderful songs and books out there to introduce children to yoga.  

Here are some of my favorite music & resources that I use in my classes:

music Kid’s Yoga Playlist  

Dance for the Sun to teach Sun Salutation and Namaste Song  Kira Willey-Dance for the Sun

Wimoweh (The Lion Sleeps Tonight)- to teach Lion Pose, Laurie Berkner-Whaddaya Think of That?

Long Time Sun– Snatam Kaur-Feeling Good Today!

Superhero to teach Hero-Warrior Pose- Patty Shukla- Play with Me! Sing Along!

Yoga Child by Bingo Kids-Yoga Child: A Peaceful Place Inside has lots of fun yoga breath and movement songs Yoga Books and Resources

My Daddy is a Pretzel by Baron Baptiste

Peaceful Piggy Meditation by Tara McLean

Yoga Pretzels Card Deck by Tara Guber

Once children are familiar with the yoga poses, almost any book that contains animals, elements in nature or objects that move can be used as a prompt for yoga.  While there are so many animals that are actual yoga poses, there are also many other animals that children can make up yoga poses for, stretching and moving as they develop body awareness.  The best part is that YOU get to be creative and have fun while the children show you how to move like a truck or a panda bear.