Just when I was beginning to reconnect with my yoga practice again, the storm (Sandy) hit and I did not make it to yoga class for almost 2 weeks.  Since I recommitted to my meditation practice this week, I decided to take a class at GSY with one of my favorite yoga teachers, Kristin Monk and it was exactly what I needed.  

Kristin’s dharma talks are always spot on for me.  Her recurring theme of Intention always allows me to delve a little deeper into myself.  She began by sharing how sometimes we set an intention and after a while become conscious of how long it’s taking and get frustrated.   She said that some intentions may take longer than others to come into fruition.  This really resonated with me and was the perfect message at this moment in my life, as all of my dreams continue to unfold.

As I was moving through the poses in class, I felt a fluidity and strength that I have not noticed before… not just a physical or mental strength, but rather a solid sense of myself, of my power.  For the first time, I realized see that when I pay attention to my body, when I am fully immersed in my practice, I am really grounded in who I am.  There is access to a part of me that sometimes goes unnoticed when I get caught up in my day to day life.

Intention = practice, discipline, trust, faith…All these are qualities I am learning to cultivate daily.  

Yoga nourishes the seeds of my intentions.    

Allowing what you want in your life requires you to be open.              

Yoga creates space, openness and receptivity.