My Dream of LOVE


We all have dreams.  

Martin Luther King dreamed of a world where all people would be equal, no matter what race or color. His dream paved the way for civil rights to be made available to others,  including women, ethnic minorities and  gays and lesbians.

With Obama as our first African American president, we have come a long way and yet there is still prejudice and inequality in our country and in our world.  There is still so much divisiveness with people taking sides, one against the other.

We must realize that no matter who we are or what we believe, we are all part of ONE race~ the HUMAN RACE.

I too have a dream.  My dream is that one day people can come together in LOVE.

This requires a shift in consciousness-from separation to connection.  Only LOVE can bridge the gap.

That’s why I am committed to teaching others to love themselves.

When you learn to be loving towards yourself, you can have more love and compassion for others.


Love begins with self acceptance, which is why yoga is such a powerful practice for nurturing self love.  In yoga and meditation, you tune into your breath and come fully into the present moment.  This awareness allows you to accept yourself exactly as you are and creates space to accept the situations and people in your life more.

The dream begins with me… and YOU.

Will you help me make this dream come true?