Halloween Monster Yoga

With Halloween coming up next week, I planned a fun Monster Yoga lesson for the kids.

I found the cutest Sesame Street video on YouTube  called Belly Breathe by Common & Colbie Caillat

Sometimes the monster that’s inside you
Is a monster that is mad
It’s a monster who is angry
It’s a monster who feels bad.
When your monster wants to throw things
And your monster wants to shout
There’s a way to calm your monster and chill your inner monster out.

Belly breathe gonna breathe right through it
Belly breathe this is how you do it.

The kids LOVED the video and were mesmerized watching Elmo while doing their BALLOON (Belly) Breathing.

Next we did a Skeleton Warmup, where I went around the circle and asked each child what part of their skeleton body they wanted to warm up.  There was some head shaking, toe wiggling, arm raising, foot stomping with lots of laughter and fun going on!

I read them an adorable book called Where’s My Mummy? by Carolyn Crimi, which is about a little mummy who plays “Hide & Shriek” with his Mama Mummy and then he can’t find her.


The Baby Mummy sets out to find his MUMMY and meets lots of friendly monsters along the way, like BONES, GLOB and DRAC the VAMPIRE, but he is not scared, her keeps looking for his MUMMY.  The book has lots of fun actions that the children can pretend to do along with the mummy and the other monsters, like TROMPINGBRUSHING your teeth, WIGGLING your head and FLAPPING your wings.  Of course, there are lots of other animals and yoga poses in the book, like FROGTREEBAT, and MOUSE too, so we got lots of yoga in too!  The book was perfect for the Halloween season and the children enjoyed the sound effects and illustrations in the book, as they waited for me to turn the page to see what happened next!

Stay tuned for another fun Halloween lesson plan next week…