Spooky Halloween Yoga Fun!

namaste cat

What better holiday to stimulate a child’s imagination than Halloween?

I have always loved the creativity and self expression involved in  choosing a costume and dressing up for Halloween- it’s a day of PLAY and PRETENDING  that’s fun for ALL!

This year, I wanted to give the children I teach a TREAT by having them choose some of the spookiest poses for our Halloween yoga.

Peek-a-Boo-Halloween-by-Ghost-Coloring-PageWe began by doing a GHOST BREATH, taking a long, deep inhale and then exhaling “BOOOOOOO!!”, the kids had a chuckle, as we all closed our eyes and let out our BOOOOS.

I told them we were going to a costume party in a Haunted House, but the only problem was that the house was wayyyy up on a big tall Mountain.  I was going to need their help to come up with ideas on how to get there.  They enthusiastically made some suggestions…we took a Train (Choo Choo BREATH), a Plane (AIRPLANE POSE), rode a Witch’s Broom (TRIANGLE POSE for Witches Hat), a Magic Carpet (sitting on our YOGA MATS) and even a Spaceship!  When we fianlly made it up to the top, we all did MOUNTAIN POSE and TREE POSE, and even made some CROOKED BRANCHES  with our arms.  

Then we made our way to the House and met some creepy Halloween creatures along the way…

black cat a Black Cat (CAT POSE)

bat        a Bat (Flap your legs up and down like BAT WINGS)

spider a Spider (CRAWLING or SPINNING WEBS with arms outstretched) singing and doing the movements to the Itsy Bitsy Spider  and Dead Bug Pose (Wiggling like a bug on their backs with feet up in the air and then FREEZING, which always makes them laugh!)

Of course we saw lots of other fun Costumes like

Super Hero Cartoon with CapeSuperhero (WARRIOR or HERO POSE)

lion and a Scary Lion (LION’s BREATH)

At the party, there was a Table (TABLE POSE) full of lots of tasty treats and after DANCING to the Monster Mash, it was time to rest.  We ended class with the children looking up at the Moon  (CRESCENT MOON POSE)  and then  pretending to snuggle in bed, all wrapped up like a MUMMY  in their Yoga Mats.  They were all ready to relax in SAVASANA.

There are so many possibilities for Halloween Yoga and the best part is that the kids get to be creative and even make up their own poses!