Easy Ways to Grow a Successful Kids Yoga Business

Kids Messy Hands

My Kids Yoga Playshop was rescheduled for Saturday June 1st and there are still a few spots open to come PLAY with us!

This is the fulfillment of a vision I created last year in my yoga teacher training to empower other kid’s yoga teachers so that all children can experience the benefits of yoga.  If you are a kids yoga teacher or educator in the NYC area, I hope you can join us for an afternoon of Creativity, Fun and Proven Ways to make your growing business a SUCCESS!

Here are the details:

Growing your Kid’s Yoga Business Organically: A Playshop by Be Yoga Be Love

You have your yoga teacher certification and your kids yoga teacher training under your belt.  You know you want to teach kids yoga. You are ready to get out there and bring yoga into the lives of kids. Now what?

So many of us have a passion for bringing the joy of yoga to children, we know the benefits because we have experienced them ourselves and we want to give the gift of yoga to children.  You have the tools you need to be the best yoga teacher, but you know nothing about business, maybe the idea of running a business even scares you a little.  I can help because I’ve been there, done that and part of my mission is to empower other yoga teachers to grow their businesses so that children everywhere can benefit from yoga.

This “playshop” will give you all the tools you need to launch and grow your children’s yoga business.  You will learn to plant the seeds, nurture them and watch them grow naturally and organically into YOUR vision for a successful yoga business.  Some topics you will discover are Finding Your Yoga Niche, Targeting Potential Clients, Writing Winning Proposals, Setting Your Rates, Getting Organized, Reinvesting in Yourself and your Business.  I play yoga with kids all day long so while we will be learning some fundamentals about the business side of yoga, I call this a “playshop” because I believe that learning to grow your business can be fun too. We will be learning, making vision boards, coloring and creating all day!!

Saturday June 1, 2013, 1 to 5pm

Location: NYC

Please email me at beyogabelove@yahoo.com to reserve your spot or for more information.

 Who I Am: My Story

My name is Betty Larrea and I am a yogi writer and artist.  My purpose is to inspire people to love and express all that they are.  I know everything about growing a kids yoga business because I have done it from scratch twice over the past 13 years.  Back in 2001, I co-founded a children’s yoga business that provided enrichment programs and events to over 20 private and public schools, daycare centers and YMCAS throughout NYC and NJ.  With my expertise in writing winning proposals and grants, I knew what schools what looking for in a proposal and learned how to approach clients so that they would listen.  After 5 years, my business partner and I parted ways and I went back to corporate America, where I gained valuable experience in marketing and promoting a new business.  Then in 2011, I left my corporate job to pursue my passion for teaching and writing.  In less than two years, I now have a successful children’s yoga and education business.  I am currently teaching 16 kids yoga classes at several preschools and elementary schools and a few privates per week, as well as tutoring.  I now also have more time to devote to my writing projects, including a yoga picture book for children to be published this year.