grateful heart

On this last day of 2013, I want to take this time to express my gratitude for everything and everyone that has come into my life this year.  These are just a few of the gifts I have been blessed with this year:

My beautiful baby niece Julianna Capri who teaches me to LOVE more and see the world with WONDER.

My little yogi students who I PLAY and LEARN from every day.

My family for always supporting me in pursuing my life’s purpose.

My evolutionary partners, who love me unconditionally and remind me who I am when I forget.

My Radiant Sister Circle, a community of soul sisters who are holding my dreams and have taught me to surrender.

My blog readers and those who value my contribution for guiding me towards this new phase of empowering children’s yoga teachers to grow their businesses.

My business coach and other mentors who have helped me create the structures to expand my offerings.

My connection to God and his patience and acceptance of me coming home to him after so many years of separation.

My poetry for allowing me the sacred space to channel my soul’s calling.

My new bible…Sera Beak’s Red, Hot & Holy which has inspired me to fully INCARNATE my soul’s purpose of LOVE.


The one person who has been with me throughout this entire journey…for her strength, commitment, vulnerability and unwavering stand for LOVING HERSELF above all else…ME!  

I am declaring that 2014 is the Year of PARTNERSHIP and BIRTHING DREAMS! 

I am looking forward to CO-CREATING this upcoming year in COMMUNITY with all of you and wishing you all a year filled with LOVE and MIRACLES!

Infinite Love~ Betty