Go In Deep

I write because jpg

It’s a new year and a new commitment to myself and my writing.

Writing is what makes me feel most alive…perhaps because it is the true voice of my soul speaking.

I have been writing since I was a child, keeping a journal of my inner musings for over 25 years, reading my poetry and making poetry collage art for over 12 years and working on several book projects for the past 3 years.

This is the year that ALL my dreams become manifest in the world, including my lifelong dream of being published.

I am ready to expose myself on a deeper level and share more of “me” through my writing.

Sometimes the journey of finding yourself requires diving in deep.

May this poem inspire to dive in!

Go In Deep

there are other ways of dealing with pain:

i like to pour mine into a notebook
mix in 1 part melancholy
           2 parts loneliness
and as much neurosis as the page can take

the perfect recipe
to cure all forms of rampant emotion

easier to numb than to feel

i say
go in deep
til it feels like you might drown
sink even deeper


that you will float
back to the surface