From the Heart-A Little More About Me

Hi Everyone!  I am busy at work preparing for the arrival of my book Lucinda’s Magical Yoga Adventure from the printer!

When I started this blog 2 years ago to document my journey during my 200 hour yoga teacher training, I never imagined it would evolve into what it is today.  This blog allows me to express myself and what I’m passionate about…yoga, poetry, spirituality, authentic living, transformation…and hopefully inspire other yogis, educators, parents through my experience. While I’ve been away from writing here for a few months, I’m super duper excited to reconnect with my blog readers, fellow kids yoga teachers and parents as I transition into my new life as an AUTHOR.

A good friend called me an AUTHOR today and it stirred something deep inside of me. I’ve always known I was born to be a WRITER~ I’ve been writing since I could hold a crayon~ and I’ve dreamed of sharing my work with a wider audience because I really love inspiring others through my WORDS. But, being an AUTHOR is something quite different because there is so much more to this role than simply being a WRITER.

An AUTHOR is someone who

  • has a VOICE and is ready to share it with the world… even when it may be received with criticism
  • is unafraid of BEING SEEN…even when she has been hiding for most of her life
  • is a SPOKESPERSON for those whose voices may never be heard…even if they cannot write/read a word or full sentence yet

I share this with you because I want you to know me and WHY I WROTE THIS BOOK.

I wrote this book for my nieces, for the children I teach, for the children who have taught ME more than I could ever learn in a book.  This book was inspired by children and is meant to INSPIRE children (and grownups)…to LOVE and CONNECT with the world in each moment through the MAGIC OF YOGA-which means UNION~of mind, body & soul.

This book is where I connect all parts of me, my love of YOGA & POETRY as one.

I am ever so humbled by the great honor of birthing it into the world. As I embark on this new phase of my journey as an AUTHOR, I am grateful for the gift of WORDS that I have been given to express myself!

Infinite love to you all…


This month, I will be revealing the inside story of where the seed for this book was planted and how it evolved into what it is today. Stay tuned for more information about the book, the story behind it and a sneak peek into Lucinda’s Magical Yoga AdventureHere is a photo of me having my own Magical Adventure in the woods…you can find  magical treasures everywhere…

Betty Woods Magic