FREE Playful Parents Training starts Sept 19th!

I’m getting super excited about my upcoming challenge next week and can’t wait to share some insights I’ve learned over the past 15 years of teaching and playing yoga with children!  These playful, yet proven practices are designed to help kids connect with themselves and allow them to channel their energy into something productive, so they can contribute both at home and in school.

In my classes, I’ve experienced breakthroughs with students that used to struggle with listening, following instructions or staying on task. I once had a student named Jesse (age 4) who was smart, creative and full of energy but he had a hard time focusing, staying on his mat and following directions. It was challenging to have him in my class, especially when he became physical with other students or refused to cooperate with others. I decided to try a new approach of having Jesse sit next to me and it was then that I realized his restlessness stemmed from the fact that he had so many ideas to share that he found it hard to contain all that energy.  

The following week, I taught a yoga lesson about energy and we explored activities and poses to help us use and channel our energy.  When I taught my students Tree Pose and explained that, like a tree, we could ground our energy from our “roots”, it became Jesse’s favorite pose!  Tree Pose allowed him to be still and focus.  After a few weeks, Jesse began sharing how he was making up yoga poses at home so I let him teach the class his new pose and his natural leadership came out!  That is what’s possible when children are given an outlet for their imagination and energy: they are happier, listen more and become more cooperative both in school and at home with their family.

I want all parents to have access to getting these kinds of results, which is why I spent the summer interviewing parents like you and developing resources and effective activities you can use at home. I invite you to join me next week (starting Sept. 19th) for a FREE Training called Becoming a Playful Parent, where I will share Fun, Simple Practices to Engage Listening and Create Connection with your Child in just 5 Days!!

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