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Some of my Yoga Girls in Savasana with their “Stuffies” after doing Stuffed Animal Yoga

Relaxation for Children

Like us, children need to unwind and just relax sometimes.  Even the youngest of children, like some of the preschoolers I teach, enjoy “quiet time”, where they can rest on the floor and find a peaceful place inside.  Elementary school age children appreciate some down time after a long day of sitting in class learning and before they go home to tackle their homework.  In my classes, we call Savasana (Corpse Pose), the DO NOTHING DOLL~ “Nothing to think, Nothing to Do, Doing Nothing is Good for You” (poem from Imaginazium Yoga Card Kit).

It has been proven by doctors, psychologists and educators that relaxation for children provides benefits for mental, physical and emotional health.  For more information about this, read this wonderful blog post Children Respond Beautifully from Meditation from Vanessa of Bringing Up Buddhas.  I can personally attest to this because one of kids favorite parts of my yoga classes is the Relaxation at the end.

Kids LOVE Quiet Time

After jumping like a FROG, barking in DOWNWARD DOG, slithering like a COBRA SNAKE, balancing in TREE and stretching in SUPER HERO (Warrior Pose), my kids usually ask me: “Is it time to lie down yet?”  There is nothing more rewarding than watching a group of little children who find it hard to sit still, lying on their backs with their eyes closed, tuning in to the sound of my voice.  I usually tell them a peaceful story and afterwards ease them back by having them curl into a ball in fetal position and then find their way into a comfortable seated lotus for NAMASTE.  When I look into their faces and see them sitting there blissed out in LOVE and PEACE, I know they they have connected with that deeper part of themselves that can be found when we are STILL inside.

There are many resources out there for Meditation Stories such as Carolyn Clarke’s Imaginations: Fun Relaxation and Meditation Stories for Kids of you can play some calm, soothing music depending on the your class theme or the mood of your children.   I love making up my own guided visualizations, as I read the energy in the room and let the words and imagery express what the children need in that moment.

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