For the Love of Blogging

Your Life is Your Message

I write to INSPIRE, thus I blog to INSPIRE.

I’ve been blogging for almost 10 years in some way, shape or form since the days of Livejournal and Myspace.  The first time I published a post online, I felt so naked because after 15 years of keeping my thoughts tucked away in my journals, it was really freeing to be able to share them with others.  In my early days of blogging, I would mostly ramble on and on about my life and while I did not have an extensive network, for the first time, it felt like I was being heard.  When Myspace first came out, it was such a natural progression to move from using just words to expressing myself to both words and images. Myspace provided the platform for me to evolve as a poet and artist and share my words with the world.  Years later, here I am fully pursuing all my passions in life and this current blog has been so much a part of that process.

When I started this blog last year, it began with my yoga journey.  What has transpired since then, is that I am LIVING yoga. It is becoming clear that there is no separation between me and my yoga practice or any part of my life for that matter.


This blog is the place where all parts of me, of my life come together.

 Just like in yoga, all parts of me~ mind, body and soul~ come together.

The more I bring to this blog, the more I become ME.

For this reason, I will be posting more regular features on a weekly basis, such as MUSE MONDAYS for you poetry lovers and  TEACHER THURSDAYS with lots of fun resources for teaching yoga to both children and adults.  I hope you enjoy them and find your own inspiration!

I am grateful to all my readers and those who have followed me in this journey.  Without you, I would not have had this opportunity to share my VOICE.  I look forward to what is to come…


love to blog