First Day of Yoga Training

Today was the first day of my 200 hour yoga teacher training at Three¬†Sisters Yoga in NYC. ¬†After our introductions and sharing about our first yoga class, we jumped right in to exploring the relationship between student and teacher and after inquiring into what makes a good teacher, we learned how the teacher/student relationship is a “shared experience”. ¬†We also got an opportunity to teach the class something, anything we chose. ¬†The energy in the room shifted from everyone’s enthusiasm to learn.

I chose to teach the children’s version of Butterfly pose. A part of me felt nervous, which is kinda ridiculous since I have taught this pose to hundreds of children, but somehow being in front of a room of grown ups was a bit intimidating. ¬†I proceeded to give them all step by step instructions on how to position their legs and arms to make their butterfly “wings” and was about to cop out on singing the song I usually sing with the children. ¬†This was a tough group though, they did not let me get away with it and asked me to sing it. ¬†So, there I was singing “fly, fly, butterfly” to a group of women and they wanted to sing along too! ¬†Our training instructor, Jen Winnen called it my “golden opportunity”, when students are engaged enough to want to learn or in my case, play with me.

Since I had expected to do some yoga at class and we did not, I came home and tried Shiva Rea’s Daily Energy that was on one of my fitness cable channels. ¬†She is one of my favorite yoga teachers, I love the soothing sound of her voice and the gracefulness of her yoga sequences. ¬†She inspires me to find my own voice and movement

I understand now what “finding your voice” as a teacher means and part of requires trusting your voice. ¬†I am¬†am really excited to continue delving into this training and deepening my own yoga practice. ¬†Stay tuned…