Fun Finger Puppets for Kids Yoga!


My favorite yoga props are these animal finger puppets.

When I first bought these adorable finger puppets, I never knew how much mileage I would get from them! I thought they would be a cute prompt for the kids to practice their animal poses.  I purchased two sets of 10: farm animals and sea creatures! I have since  expanded my puppet collection to include jungle animals, a butterfly and I’m always keeping my eye out for new puppet friends.


These puppets are popular with kids of all ages!  

I keep all the finger puppets in a bag and whenever my students see the bag, they are a bundle of excitement! Each child reaches into the bag to pick a puppet and lead the class in doing the pose together. They enjoy making up poses too, like stretching their arms and neck up high and standing on their tip toes for giraffe and stomping like a bear.  You can even have the children make up a yoga story using the puppets.  Once upon a time, there was a LION and then the next child chooses their puppet and continues the story!

Puppets are a great way to keep children focused for relaxation time.

After we’ve finished with the poses, tell the children they are now going to give their puppets a ride with their breath during Savasana.  I place the puppets gently on their bellies, as the children close their eyes.  At the end of class, the children hold the puppet in their hands or put them on their finger during our closing song.

Finger puppet yoga is a sure-to-please lesson. I am sure your kids and students will love them as much as mine do!

These finger puppets are available in my store or by clicking the link below:


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