Finding Your Voice

find your voice

Finding your voice as an artist, writer or teacher is an ongoing process.  

There comes a point in  your life when you start to listen to that voice inside and it speaks through you, in everything you do.

When it comes to teaching kids yoga, the voice of my 5 year old comes naturally, but teaching adults has been more about allowing my inner voice to shine through.   The past month, I have been teaching yoga to the teachers in one of my preschools.   I have been trying out new themes and playlists, using poetry in my dharma talks and tuning into my students more and more to find out their needs and preferences.

Two weeks ago, I led a restorative yoga class with blankets as props and they all LOVED IT!!  Last week, I did a modified version of the class outdoors and it was amazing to connect with Nature.  When I surrendered to that voice within me that KNOWS and TRUSTS, I was able to guide my students to surrender, feeling fully supported by the Earth and taking in the beauty of the sun, wind, sky, being at one with it all…

At the end of class, when we chanted our final OM together, I could feel the energy reverberating through me, feeling the connection to myself and know that connection is running through all of us.  When I see the peace and tranquility in their smiling faces, I am so grateful for what yoga provides.  It has truly been a gift to discover my “voice” in such a welcoming and supportive environment.

Finding your VOICE is like coming home to yourself…