Everyone has Feelings

Carl Jung Emotion Quote

This week’s theme in my kids yoga classes was FEELINGS.

Emotions are part of being human and it is important that children develop emotional intelligence as part of their education. Yoga is such a wonderful vehicle to do that because it allows children to express their feelings through movement, breath, sound and stillness.

I used the book The Way I Feel by Janan Cain.  The book provides kids with an opportunity to explore the many different emotions they have from silly to happy to angry to jealous to frustrated to excited and more!

the way i feel book

Yoga is a great way to release and soothe children’s emotions and enhance their mood.

We talked about how yoga and breathing can help soothe certain emotions like fear, anger and sadness, while doing yoga is a healthy outlet for other emotions like happiness and boredom.  The children learned some new poses like Chair pose, while practicing some of their favorites like Tree, Table and Turtle.  I added some fun exercises and lots of sharing time for the children to express their own feelings about times that they felt a certain emotion.

For SILLY, I asked everyone to make a silly face and then we did a Laughing Circle, where we each got a turn to laugh and everyone then copied our laugh.  They were all giggling and there is nothing better than the sound of children’s laughter.

For HAPPY, we did our Sun Salutations because children love it when the sun comes out, so they can go to the park or playground:

happy feelings   

For ANGRY, we did Volcano Breath and I explained how breathing is a better, healthier way to release anger than yelling or hitting.

angry book

And for EXCITED, we did the Super Hero (Warrior) Pose, which they ALL got really excited about!!


 At the end of class, I told them there was one last feeling that we can experience at any time.  While other feelings come and go, there is one feeling that is always there…the PEACEFUL and CALM feeling inside.  We have been talking about the peace inside since the beginning of the year, so they could really relate to this.  For Savasana, I guided them through a visualization where they used their breath to send a calm feeling from the top of their head to their tiptoes. Then I played Kira Wiley’s Colors song which has relates many colors to the way you feel.  (I am gray today, gloomy and down like a morning fog. I am blue today, calm as glass and cool as the sea.)