Desert Sun-A Love Poem


Desert Sun


Our love was like the desert sun

radiating hope

inspiring all to see

that love is everywhere


Maybe there was no me, no you

only the yearning of our souls

(all of our collective souls)

to find their way home

to Love


What we shared was not of this world,

not ours to keep

it was a gift

given to us

manifest in us

to light the way for others


Maybe all that’s left to do is

surrender this love to god

accept that our souls were chosen

to be a channel for his will


Love is boundless, my love

and we are boundless too

                                                                                                                   ©  2010 by Betty E. Larrea

This poem is dedicated to all my Burning Man Brothers & Sisters.  May the Love, Freedom and Miracles we experienced on the Playa live on in our hearts forever!  Create and BE LOVE…  xoxo Luscious Luv