Day 6 of Holiday Yoga- Frog Pose

It’s the day after Christmas and after enjoying yummy holiday meals, it’s natural to feel a bit stiff and sluggish.  Make sure to take some time to unwind and stretch to get your digestive system and circulation going.

MALASANA or FROG POSE is perfect for stretching the back, hips and leg.  Malasana stimulates your metabolism and digestive organs and tones the belly and abdominals.  Kids love squatting in this pose and pretending to jump up like a frog!

Here is my niece in a froggie squat.

JC Frog Pose

Follow these simple steps to do Frog Pose:

  1. Begin by coming into a squat with your feet flat on the floor. Your heels should also be flat and facing forward on the floor.
  2. Now separate your thighs gently. Bring your hands together in prayer as you press your elbows against your inner knees. This will press against your front torso and lengthen it further.
  3. Press your inner thighs against your torso. Try clasping your ankles or your heels which lengthens the torso and deepens the stretch even more.
  4. Hold this position for 30 seconds and then slowly increase the stretch to one or two minutes.


 ©2014 Betty Larrea and Lucinda’s Magical Yoga Adventure

Stay tuned for the last pose in this 7 day holiday yoga series.  These kid-friendly yoga poses you can enjoy with the whole family!

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