Listening to My Body

I taught 3 preschool yoga classes this morning and spent some time updating my Be Yoga Be Love Facebook Page, posting on and LIKEing other child yoga related businesses, educators and musicians whose resources I have used in my classes.  It’s amazing how many other children’s yoga and spirituality programs are out there.  I’m so inspired to be part of this Yoga Revolution!

At the end of another long productive day, I put on a yoga video from my collection: Mantra Girl’s Introduction to Kundalini Yoga.  My only other experience with Kundalini yoga was many years ago when a friend of mine invited me to a class he was teaching.  Mantra Girl’s video starts out with a series of repetitive breathing and seated movement exercises, along with some chanting (which was actually the best part of it.)  As I began moving my body in circular motion again and again, I noticed how stiff my muscles felt.  After 4 days of yoga practice, my body was feeling sore and tense.  I found it really hard to keep my attention on my breath because my body was not responding to the movement.  The only thing that helped me get through the it was that I kept my eyes closed the whole time and it was sort of putting me in a trance-like state.

Then at one point I realized that I was not enjoying this and I started tuning into my body more.  I was present to what my body wanted to do, which was move more fluidly.  So I modified the movements and felt a shift right away.  It was as if my body was grateful for not forcing it to do what did not feel good.  I have struggled with body issues my whole life and am beginning to feel more comfortable in my own skin.  I am learning to listen to my body more and see my body as a part of me, rather than ignore its messages.  I see yoga as a way to nurture that relationship. Since I will be completely immersed in holistic yogic practice for the next 2 months of my life, I am taking on that my body is a temple.  I will honor and take care of it as such.