Day 4 Holiday Yoga-Downward Dog

For Day 4 of Holiday Yoga, we will practice the most popular of all yoga poses!

ADHO MUKHA SVANASANA or Downward Facing Dog

This rejuvenating and energizing inversion pose has many benefits, which include improving respiration and increasing circulation to the brain. Downward Dog helps to tone muscles, elongates the back and strengthens arms, legs, shoulders and feet.  This pose also calms the mind and relieves headache, insomnia and fatigue, which makes it perfect to reduce the anxiety which can result from the busy holiday season.

Follow these simple steps for Downward Facing Dog:

  1. Come onto your hands and knees in a table top position, with your knees directly below your hips and your hands below your shoulders.
  2. Lift the hips up, curl the toes under and straighten the legs, knees and elbows, forming an inverted V-shape with the body. Hands are shoulder width apart, feet are hip width apart and parallel to each other.
  3. Spread out your fingertips and press your hands firmly into the ground as you lift through the pelvis and press feet into the ground.
  4. Widen through the shoulder blades, relax the neck and keep the ears aligned to the inner arms.
  5. Look down towards your navel as you take long deep breaths.
  6. Exhale, bending the knees and returning to table pose and relax.

Lucinda poses sneak peek dog


I am like a dog
My paws pressed to the ground
I wag my tail and bark out loud
as I’m sniffing all around 


 ©2014 Betty Larrea and Lucinda’s Magical Yoga Adventure

Stay tuned for more kid-friendly yoga poses you can enjoy with the whole family during this holiday season!

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