Day 3 of Holiday Yoga- Stretch Tired Muscles with Butterfly Pose

Today’s Pose is Baddha Konasana or Butterfly Pose. 

This is a fun, energizing  yoga pose which is great for stretching tight hips and lower back.  Baddha Konasana is perfect for relieving fatigue from long hours of standing and walking, especially during this busy time of waiting in lines during holiday shopping.


You can do this pose with your child at home on your rug or yoga mat. Just follow these simple steps:
1. Sit on the ground, bending both knees and bring the soles of your feet together.
2. Using your hands, open your feet up like a book, using your muscles to press your knees down towards the floor. This will help to open your hips up even more.
3. Lengthen your spine, drawing your belly button towards your spine. Relax your shoulders and gaze either in front of you or towards your feet.
4. Flap your butterfly “wings” by either placing your hands on your shoulders and lifting your bent arms up and down OR holding your ankles and gently flapping your legs up and down.
5. Stay here for 5 breaths, and then slowly begin to fold forward (Sleeping Butterfly) drawing your torso towards your legs. Remember to breathe and keep your spine straight.
Lucinda Butterfly

©2014 Betty Larrea and Lucinda’s Magical Yoga Adventure

I am like a Butterfly
Flapping my wings up high
I’m free to be the way I am
As I’m soaring in the sky


Stay tuned for more kid-friendly yoga poses you can enjoy with the whole family during this holiday season!

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