Teaching Yoga

Yesterday was my first yoga session with my friend Julie at her fitness studio Tranquility Fitness.  Julie is a personal trainer and is used to more intense forms of exercise, but was feeling a bit worn out after training clients all morning and doing 2 workouts herself.  She also had some neck pain, so I decided to take it slow and practice teaching what we learned in out training this week.

We started with some OMs and then proceeded to a few rounds of Cat/Cow.  After pushing up into Downward Dog and jumping up to stand, I guided her through 2 Sun Salutation Vinyasas, both A & B, then focused on Warrior II and Reverse Warrior pose.  After resting in Child’s pose, we ended with some Supine stretches on both sides and finally Savasana.  Julie was able to enjoy at least 3-5 minutes of relaxation time, which she admitted is her favorite part of yoga.

Teaching yoga involves finding the right balance of guiding your students and creating the space for them to explore their practice.  I noticed that I needed to let go that just because Julie is a fitness trainer, I have something to offer her as a yoga instructor.  After my own training last night in my Asnana class, I had a better sense of what the full expression was for Warrior pose and was able to guide her in finding that full expression for herself and adjust her arms and gaze.  I am becoming more attuned with the postures and aware of what I need to be observing as a yoga teacher.  Learning and teaching are so entwined and while I feel overwhelmed with all that we have been absorbing, it is all coming together.  I guess i just need to trust the process.